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About La Cue Fashion

Living your best life can be challenging when trying to focus on a full time career, completing educational goals, parent, being an attractive wife, mentoring others and so much more. I found myself trapped in the "I'm tired" mode. I got the mom SUV and pretty soon started wearing more comfy and less attractive apparel.  I was happy with my new normal for a while.

One day I just gained perspective or maybe it was the fact I was quickly getting older. I thought "okay Sis" get it together. Take more attention to your boo, but most importantly self care. So I did. I bought a few pieces and made way for a revitalized and attractive new me. Boom!

My revitalized interest in fashion sparked first in lingerie. I desire to create affordable, sexy yet comfortable clothing and lingerie that anyone can wear to transform into an even more sexier version of themselves.